Master’s Degree Programme in Community Development, Human Rights and Conflict Resolution

Credit points:90 credit points (ECTS)
Length:1.5 years
Title:Master of Health Care, Master of Social Services
Applying period:will be informed later, possibly spring 2019
Programme starts:will be informed later, possibly autumn 2019
Form of learning:distance teaching, contact teaching

Helsinki, Finland

The Master’s Degree Programme in Community Development, Human Rights and Conflict Resolution is a joint programme offered by Diaconia University of Applied Sciences – Diak (Finland), the University of Iringa (Tanzania), and Sebastian Kolowa Memorial University (Tanzania).

This degree programme prepares graduates for professional positions in the field of community development. The studies are provided in the form of blended learning.

The programme is designed to provide advanced studies at the graduate level for Finnish, Tanzanian and international students. The programme combines theoretical and practical approaches.

Students become acquainted with essential theories, research and methodology, while also learning how to apply theory in practice. The international and multi-professional community development skills developed during the programme promote innovation in domestic and international contexts.

The programme provides training to promote community development in conjunction with human rights and conflict resolution in the global context. Human rights are regarded as essential in sustainable community development. In addition, conflict resolution and mediation are seen as necessary tools for building sustainable solutions in community development practices. Studies focus on sustainable community development, in which social, economic and environmental perspectives are covered.


Applicants with a suitable bachelor’s degree and three years of relevant work experience gained after the completion of that bachelor’s degree are eligible to apply.

Eligibility criteria in spring 2017

Please note that these criteria apply to the 2017 application round. Eligibility criteria will be updated by the following application round.

Applicants must have a suitable bachelor’s degree in social services and social work, diocesan social work, youth work, nursing, public health nursing, community pedagogy or community work, and at least 3 years of relevant work experience gained after the completion of their university degree (bachelor’s degree).

The work experience required of applicants will be counted from the degree awarding day onwards and must be proven by a work certificate. Work experience gained before or during bachelor level studies cannot be counted towards the work experience minimum requirement.

Exceptions are made for applicants who have completed a Finnish vocational college degree or higher vocational degree (opisto- tai ammatillisen korkea-asteen tutkinto) before the completion of their university degree, as they may also take into account work experience gained before the university degree. The end date for the accumulation of the three years’ work experience is 31 July 2017.

Curriculum of Community Development Human Rights and Conflict Resolution

Timetable and contact days for 2017-2018

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