Health requirements

Applicants who apply for studies in the field of Social Services and Health must consider whether their health condition enables their successful practical studies and work placement.

Those applying to the field must take into consideration that

  • both studying and working in the profession requires good mental health
  • the field is not suitable for individuals who use controlled substances or misuse alcohol or pharmaceuticals
  • musculoskeletal diseases, chronic dermatological diseases and allergies can become a health issue during studies or later in professional life
  • blood-borne diseases can limit placement in professional life
  • a university of applied sciences can request that a student provides his or her criminal records extract before a work placement, if the work placement tasks include working with children

Applicants are required to provide relevant information about their health, if the university of applied sciences asks for more information for admission evaluation purposes. This requirement also applies to information about possible earlier revoked offers to study at higher education institutions.