What is Diak?

Do you want your work to have meaning? Diak graduates have strong professional skills, good interpersonal skills, an ability to work in multicultural environments and are ready to develop their own work and commit to lifelong learning.

Diaconia University of Applied Sciences (Diak) is a nationwide educational institution that trains specialists at the BA and MA level in the fields of diocesan work, education, social services, health and interpretation. Diak is located in five Finnish cities: Helsinki, Oulu, Pieksämäki, Pori and Turku. Diak has approximately 2,800 students and 240 employees.

Diak is responsible for more than 90 percent of the education that makes candidates eligible for diocesan and youth work positions in the Finnish Evangelical-Lutheran Church. Diak is by far the largest provider of higher education in the field of social services in Finland. In social services and health, Diak is the only nationwide university of applied sciences that provides education and employment services in the metropolitan area, Oulu, Pieksämäki, Turku and Pori.

Diak is committed to social justice, solidarity and the empowerment of people. It aims to train people to influence social change, work for a multicultural society and fight social exclusion.