International opportunities

Diak students have the opportunity to become experts at the international level. International student exchange or practical training opportunities allow students to combine professional and personal goals. An international exchange or internship provides students with a unique opportunity to learn and to challenge themselves. As a student, you do not need to know and be able to do everything. Rather, you can safely create a professional foundation that can carry long into the future.

The international study and work environment allows you to test your skills and build your self-confidence, all while learning something new outside your studies. Living in a multicultural environment and as a minority not only allows you to fulfil your education goals, the reality of the experience provides you with a unique toolkit for your career.

Diak offers a wide range of exchanges from both the content and the geographical perspective. We have partnered with universities in Asia, Africa, and Europe.

For more information, read about some our students’ exchange experiences in the Diak Exchange blog!